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About the Comprehensive Plan

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A city's Comprehensive Plan can generally be defined as an official, city-adopted document utilized by city staff, developers, and decision-makers which guides growth and development of a community into the future. The plan becomes a vision for what the community desires to become and is essentially a long-range statement of public policy.

In general, the primary objectives of a comprehensive plan are to accomplish the following:

  • Efficient delivery of public services,

  • Coordination of public and private investment,

  • Minimizing potential conflicts between land uses,

  • Management of growth in an orderly manner,

  • Cost-effective public investments, and

  • A rationale and foundation for making community-wide decisions.

The Comprehensive Plan is also the foundation for the implementation of development regulations, such as Port Arthur's Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Ordinance, historic preservation efforts, landscape standards, signage regulations, and revitalizations plans.

In 2015, the City completed the Downtown Revitalization Plan. Similarly to the Comprehensive Plan, the Downtown Revitalization Plan analyzes existing conditions and develops strategies and recommendations designed to specifically improve the downtown area. While the Downtown Revitalization Plan is a separate plan, the goals and initiative are in line with those of the comprehensive plan and will complement the overall efforts.

Why is Port Arthur updating the Comprehensive Plan?

The last Comprehensive Plan for Port Arthur was updated in 1989. Most communities tend to update their plans every five to ten years, depending on how fast the community is growing and experiencing change. Updating the Comprehensive Plan ensures Plan recommendations are both relevant and applicable to the community and its conditions TODAY. Making regular updates also ensures that goals, objectives and recommendations are in-line with the overall community vision as defined by YOU.

How does a Comprehensive Plan Impact Me?

Think about the neighborhood you live in. Your neighborhood, most likely, began with a vision. Think about where you get your groceries, where you take your children to school, where you go to the movies, where you shop or work, which park you go or what you do on the weekend. Most of these destinations and facilities did not come to be by chance, but are likely rooted in some form of a vision or plan. Imagine Port Arthur will establish the vision and set the course for the community for the next 20+ years. The next park, shopping center, residential neighborhood, police station and community facility will be based upon this plan and the information therein. A vibrant and thriving downtown, accessible destinations and revitalization of the community's great neighborhoods must all begin with a plan.